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Nur tote Fische schwimmen mit dem Strom.


So what's a Cassilhaus?

Cassilhaus is a home, a singular piece of architecture, a lifelong arts project, and a love-filled partnership between Ellen Cassilly and Frank Konhaus.  Ellen is an architect and community activist and Frank is an AV System Designer, documentary film producer, and arts entrepreneur.

After a five-year land search and a three-year design process, Cassilhaus was born as dream home/art gallery/artist studio and residency in the woods between Durham and Chapel Hill, NC and has grown into an exciting nexus for arts activity and community in the Triangle region. Cassilhaus hosts a diverse exhibition program and a multi-disciplinary residency program which bring extraordinary artists from our region and around the world to pollinate and stimulate our little corner of the art world.

Ellen Cassilly & Frank Konhaus Photograph by Mona Kuhn  

Ellen Cassilly & Frank Konhaus
Photograph by Mona Kuhn


The Team

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Jessina Leonard
Programs Manager




Phyllis B. Dooney

Phyllis B. Dooney is a social documentary photographer and visual storyteller. Phyllis' recent project, Gravity Is Stronger Here, was published in a photo book by Kehrer Verlag in 2017 (available at Phyllis now lives in North Carolina and is our 2017-2018 intern at Cassilhaus.