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Chapel Hill North Carolina


I have spent the day well just looking and looking. It is the same in art as in life. The deeper one penetrates, the broader grows the view.

Cassilhaus is always filled with artwork. A great deal of thought went into designing the house for the display of art with diverse architectural spaces, variable ceiling heights, and flexible lighting. In addition to the large dedicated main gallery that connects the two living spaces, there are three other distinct gallery spaces in the house where we can have small exhibitions or combine with the large space for even larger shows—the Entry Gallery on the first level and the West Gallery and The Girl Power Project Room on the upper level.

It comes as a surprise to many that our exhibition program is largely decoupled from our residency program.  While we sometimes mount small shows of visiting artists’ work, it is not practical for them to produce enough work or ship enough work to mount a full-scale show during their short time with us.

 In addition to these small shows we have put together more comprehensive exhibitions of the work of regional, national, and international artists, done a collectors’ show drawing from major photography collections in our area, invited guest curators to put together shows from our own collection, held MFA thesis shows for students in Duke University’s new MFAEDA graduate program, and held charity exhibitions/auctions. Our exhibition focus, like our collection focus, is photocentric. Please explore our past exhibitions below.